Why Does it Cost So Much To Fail?

Without a doubt. if my kid were attending school in this district? It wouldn’t be for long.The problem with public schooling today is the idea of tenure fpor grade school teachers. that is, after so long on the district, they become “protected” and unless they commit an actual felony (which doesn’t include pedophilia, by the way) none of these teachers may be touched by the school board. This is because of the outrageous union contracts that don’t do much for money for the average teacher, but protects all sorts of animals allowed to be in schools as teachers. Teaching used to be a hallowed profession and I think it’s hard to fid someone, these days, to be dedicated to a profession where their customer, children, mostly despise them.On average, we pay over $7K per child for public education. Some constituencies are double, even triple that number and yet we are one of the lowest countries in the world in basics like reading, writing, math, and science. Maybe more people beed to flood their school board meetings and ask them why it costs so much to fail.

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