Polio Raising it’s Head in New York

New York State has declared a State of Emergency due to the detection of the polio virus in several counties wastewater. Awful. I recall, as a child, seeing the devastation that disease caused, even had a family member (uncle) who contracted the virus as a small child. Polio was thought to have been rtadicated in 1979 but until the last few decades with people refusing to vaccinate at all, we’re beginning to see the rise of diseases like polio and measles, which were also believed at onepoint to have been wiped-out. The governor made the emergency declaration authorizing medical personnel in the state to administer the vaccine, “even. in non-emergency situations”. So it looks like whether people want the vaccine or not, in New York State, at least for now, will be receiving the polio vaccine. I would think that states adjacent (Pennsylvania, New Jersey) might also want to begin testing their wastewater for indications of polio in those states.We have an issue of millions of unvaccinated people entering this country illegally and have no way of knowing what diseases they might be bringing with them. Our becoming a country hesitant to be vaccinated doesn’t help either.

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