Military Families to go on Food Stamps. Again.

It’s not the first time in even recent history this has happened, but one would think that there would be a bureaucrat somewhere in the Pentagon that would look up and recognize that if the rest of the country is being hit hard by inflation, well, service members and their families are probably getting hit as hard, if not harder. Even though, depending on where they are stationed, there is some compensation for, say, rent payments known as Basic Allowance for Housing. The idea is that this money allows for equitable housing based on the local economy. The problem with this is that those property owners then just raise the rent of the homes or apartments to the new, adjusted BAH. The property owners are the winners here, not the service member. It’s incomprehensible that, instead of telling these families to register for food stams that there couldn’t be at least an emergency allocation from Congress. If we have extra nillions to be able to send to Ukraine, why don’t we have anything for our men and women that keep us safe around the world?

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