Media Pushes Republicans as Terrorists

It’s the media that is driving the false premise, put forward by president Biden, that Republicans were enemies and yes, terrorists. Since his infamous September 1 “Red and Black” speech, the administration, along with their sycophants, the main stream media, have been pushing these memes daily. Of course they attempt to say it’s only “Trump supporters” but that would mean around 75 million people that supported Trump for president in 2020: in other words, all Republicans. On Meet the Press, on the anniversary of the September 11 attacks, Democratic hack Chuck Todd, interviewing vice president Kamala Harris, pressed the terrorist meme further: (H/T BlazeTV)

Chuck Todd: “We’re now as a nation battling a threat from within. Is the threat equal or greater than what we faced after 9/11?”

VP Kamala Harris: “…there is an oath that we always take which is to defend and uphold our constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.”

I think that’s commonly referred to as “Jumping the Shark”. Unfortunately for NBC, the people they need to believe this mythology, independents, don’t by a wide margin and although Republicans as Terrorists is all the Democrats have to run on, people are overwhelming concerned with inflation, energy, crime, and education, to name just a few.

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