“Experts” Got it Wrong. Again.

Well, this has escalated quickly. Far more than any western “experts” had ever believed. Even more deputies in the Russian Duma are demanding Putin’s resignation following 5 over the weekend that were arrested for demanding the same. Now it’s looking like troops are fleeing on foot, leaving untold numbers of vehicles, including main battle tanks behind because of the use of HIMARS by the Ukrainian forces that are eliminating all at will. this should be worrisome for all western national security teams, (NATO?) because Putin is being placed in a corner in his own country and it’s impossible determine what he might do to stay in power. Putin has already threatened the west earlier this year with the use of nuclear weapons.With Ukraine launching attacks into Russia and driving Russians out of their homes like the Russians did in Ukraine, the lack of trained troops as well as ammunition, there aren’t many face saving options, if any, for Putin right now.

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