Why Care What “Jesus” Looked Like?

I find postings and articles about what the Real Jesus looked like useless. It’s because 1) No one knows 100% that he ever existed as depicted in the Gospels, since none of the writers of those knew him, using tales told them to construct this man and 2) That part of the Middle East had been overrun by various peoples not only within the region itself but from outside and of course, it’s impossible to say that “all people in that region had dark skin and curly hair” because, not all people there today do and did, even before the great migration of Jews to Israel after World War II. Look at the Balkins and the Muslims that live in Bosnia: They mostly look European even though their country became majority Muslim in the mid-fifteenth century. People there today range from blond hair and blue eyes to a darker, more “olive” skinned people with darker eyes (brown). I don’t believe that the Jesus I grew up viewing paintings of (light hair, blue eyes) are accurate either.So why, every few years, is it necessary for someone to decide what this person may or may not have looked like? Would it make any Christians deny their faith or Atheists to fall down asking to be”saved”? Doubtful. You can’t take. what an “average”. person may have looked like in the first centriy in that area because based on it’s history, there was probably no such average person.

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