DeSantis Joins the Migrant Party

Ron DeSantis, Governor of Florida has joined with Texas Governor Abbott and Arizona Governor Ducey in sending illegals, from his state to the sanctuary state(Commonwealth) of Massachusetts – specifically to the playground of the rich, Martha’s Vineyard. Of course Texas and Arizona continue to send illegals to New York, Chicago and Washington D.C., all of which are declared sanctuary cities, and none of the people that have been bussed have been forced. The mayors of these cities have gone into some sort of emergency mode because they are unable to handle the few hundred to few thousand illegals over several months but say nothing about the border towns in Texas and Arizona that are forced, by an open border, to attempt to absorb some of these people. Chicago’s mayor Lightfoot has asked for the deployment of the National Guard to help with the approximately 500 illegals bussed to her city. Yes, 500.

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