The Doctor’s Not In

Perusing Twitter for a few minutes, I was reminded of living i n California some twenty-odd years ago and hearing stories on television or radio as well as seeing some in a local newspaper, about small town medical centers closing throughout the state and how there were tens of thousands of citizens unable to receive prompt medical care due to the influx of illegals in certain areas of the state.the medical facilities were small hospitals with maybe more than one doctor and a few nurses to handle a few hundred to a couple of thousand residents. Of course, they were required, as public facilities, to offer care to anyone that walked through the door whether they could pay or not. Unfortunately, no one, the state, or the federal government were required to reimburse these emergency care-type centers for anything and therefore, little by little, year over year, no care was available at all for residents. In case anyone is unaware, this is happening now in border states. like Texas and Arizona, except it’s not just medical care having to be provided.

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