The Through Line of Hate

The through line of hate. What is that? What does that even mean? Well, apparently the president is wrapping up his series of speeches on American Unity by again describing Americans as hate filled: They hate all races, ethnicities, religions, except their own. What he is really discussing here is White Supremacy. The United States is a hate filled society and the foal here is to silence dissent on what is actually going on in the United States instead of some moronic demented old man.This is how the democrats work to attempt to win the approval of the electorate, rather than actually try to solve some of the problems. If you disagree with them, you are a fascist, terrorists, whatever the dollar word of the day happens to be. This president, and his sycophants have taken the “Basket of Deplorable” theme to the extreme. When the American people reject that depiction of themselves by Biden and his Horde of Hate is when we have a possibility of fixing what he’s broken.If it isn’t too late.

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