Denying the Truth Doesn’t Make it True

It used to be, well, amusing. Not so much anymore when even the media representatives that have done all they are able to cover the ineptitude that has devolved into straight-up lies. Remember Baghdad Bob? He was the spokesman for Saddam Hussein when the U.S. and it’s coalition partners, invaded Iraq in 2003. The allied armies cut through the Republican Guard like melted butter and it didn’t take long for those same units to enter the outskirts of Baghdad. During those initial days, Bagdad Bob was on television daily talking about how the brave Iraqi army were defending the people of Iraq. One day, while Bob was answering questions from the international media gathered, reporters were asking about reports that U.S. forces had captured Baghdad International Airport (BIAP). Of course, Bob denied this vehemently even though, behind him, in camera range, in bright daylight, were those same U.S. forces, tanks in the lead. Remember what happened after that? Well, we didn’t see Bob on television anymore. We see the same thing, daily, out of the White House when our own version of “Baghdad Bob” comes out daily and says that everything is okay. The economy is the best we’ve had in 4 decades, gas prices are falling (because sales have fallen off), inflation will ease over the next year (maybe not for 5 or more), the border is secure, people aren’t walking across the border (cut to see 100 illegals cross the border by foot). After all of these claims are made, what do we see in the bright daylight? Those tanks at BIAP.

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