What Happened to the Formula Crisis?

Just sitting around this aftrenoon, I decided to turn on the news again to see if Putin had launched any nuclear weapons against us as he seemed to have threatened earlier today. Nothing to update on that story right now but I stopped and thought about the numerous stories we hear about but never hear of any conclusion. For instance, what about the baby formula shortage? Remember how just a few months ago this was the crisis of the year and that yes, there were actual lives in the balance. But no, I haven’t heard anything so I searched to find a current article on the situation and found this in The New York Post. It appears we’re still importing it from various countries, in this story, from Australia. The average out-of-stock rate in stores is a whopping 61% and it doesn’t look to be getting better any time soon. The issue still is that we have very few plants manufacturing formula and when a major one is shut down, as what happened because of possible problems with bacteria in the formula, then there’s going to be shortages. Of course, the plant was found blameless but it still took time for the FDA to approve restarting the plant these places cannot be just turned on like a lamp.

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