A Tale of Government Waste (Pun Intended)

When I first moved here, we had trash pickup twice per week via the city. I can’t recall having lived any other place where the service was that often. It was convenient and the city even supplied these giant platic bins with wheels to make it easier for their trucks to do auto pickup. Plus it was cheap considering. Then one day, the city sent out a letter to all their customers congratulating us on now having oneof those days just for recyclables. The letter said something to the effect of, “You ask us for this, and now you have it!”. When I polled my neighbors and some folks at work, none of us could figure out why anyone would want to go down from two to one day for regular trash and have one day a week for recyclables.They even bought and distributed special light-blue bins to place that material in so initially it ws a large layout for the city for, what kind of return many of us wondered. We could never get that question answered. After sox years, we did get an answer when the city abruptly cancelled thst program. Yes, they were losing money like crazy.How much taxpayers money was wasted I don;;t think we’ll ever really know. That’s why it’s important to have government be responsible to the citizens instead of the other way around.

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