Mark Kelly(D), AZ, Votes 100% With Schumer (D) of NY

I’m old enough to know and state for a fact that politicians don’t give a crap about me or you until about 90 days before an election. Luckily for us in the U.S., we have National elections every two years where we elect the entire 435 member House of Representatives and approximately one-third of the 100 Senators. So every 2 years, these people have to come back to their constituency and claim how much they’ve accomplished for their district or state. I’ve been watching some of the ads where I live (Arizona) and am amazed, completely guffawed by the claims of one of our current, up for reelection, Senators, Mark Kelly. I hipe people aren’t fooled by his claims of accomplishment while in office. If what he claims is true now, why did we not hear of it before? He’s a Schumer puppet and is why his opponent, Blake Masters. The media are so anxious to retain this seat that they’ve falsely reported that the RNC has pulled almost $10 million in advertising. What’s imnterstimg os that Kelly and his out of state supporters are throwing ,millions into the campaign. Masters has spent a paltry amount in response and is only 1.2% behind. No one believes Kelly. He’s married to Gabby Giffords who was shot in Tucson back in 2011 and since then, both are anti-second amendment advocates, In fact, Mark tried to show how easy it was to buy a gun in Arizona but was owned by the owner of the gun-shop because he didn’t have a valid ID.

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