Our Military is Becoming Useless Under Biden

I was speaking with a friend a while back who is a proud retired Marine. He’s a great guy. Someone you’d want to have as a friend. He was telling me about his son’s sojourn in the Marines, and how what the Department of Defense is doing is not keeping our troops ready to repel any enemy as well as support our allies. In fact , NATO itself has placed no confidence in a Biden administration supporting any of the members (forget Article 5). The Joint Chiefs are becoming schooled on “White Supremacy” and “Transgenderism” in the ranks. That’s what they care about. My friends son, after 11 years in the Marines, 3 tours of Afghanistan, with some awards as well, is considering leaving the Marines at the end of his current contract (a year from now). This is a young man that jpoined the Marines with the idea that he, too, would eventually retire as his dad had. But the services have changed, even since he entered, and he doesn’t feel the comrade ship anymore.

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