More About Nothing

Many of you see my posts because, when I hit the ”Publish” button, that blog is officially made public on this site, and the title, with the link, becomes part of Twitterland so that at a minimum, people who follow me on Twitter will see that I am going to bore them, one more time. Being a blogger means wanting to know not only the topics that will attract viewers, but also when I press that button, because it’s interesting that when sometimes outweighs what.

I try not to be obsessive about my statistics, but it’s good to know when people are looking at this site for new content. Why? I can schedule posts to be published when there is a better chance that there will be a larger number of people that might see it. Makes sense. I can also go more granular and see what topics attract more people, based on the time of day. Seems silly, but you would be surprised that some topics at 8 am don’t attract as many views as other topics at the same time of day. There’s a ”sweet spot” though to find as to when to publish a post. It’s different depending not only on the time of day, but the day itself.

A little clarity: When I publish something at 8 am, that’s 8 am in my time zone (MST), Depending on the time of year, that would be either 10 or 11 am eastern. Where I live, Arizona, does not “spring forward, fall back”. We are always on standard time. Well, except for a corner of the state (northeast) which is reservation land., Since they are independent, they can choose how they want to determine seasonal time.

I use WordPress and like other blogging tools, it allows me to schedule posts. for instance, this post. Right now, it’s Saturday evening, 7:25 pm. I could, once finished, schedule this to be published anytime in the future. That means tomorrow or next month. I played with posting times a couple of years ago, I would write something the night before and have it scheduled for, say, 8 am my time for going public. Then I would look at 9 am, 10 am. You get the idea. I did this everyday. I found that time of day was sometimes important, but also the day of the week. In other words, certain days seemed to attract more viewers. But wait! It’s even more complicated. Times and days have another dependency: Season.

Summer , at least for me, is worst. I guess it;s because people are more focused on family and vacations that blog reading. It could also be that, like California, they have no idea when or if they may have electricity during the summer. Of course the other seasons are even more fickle. Fall? Getting kids ensconced in school. Winter? Well, that’s a pretty good time because a lot of people are huddled in the warmth of their homes. Spring? Difficult to determine because it’s when people in certain areas want to get out because of the cold winter. But these alone do not say much. I have to dig deeper which I haven’t done so far. Believe it or not it’s a lot of work to delve down not only by time and season, but specific weeks or days during that season. Of course, there are tools I can buy that would do all of this for me. But then, what else do I have to do?

I go back after I publish and look to see if that post has received any reads. Usually, I can go back within five minutes and see at least one read, sometimes a lot more. I think that maybe I’ve come across a topic my readers enjoy. Sometimes yes. Other-times no. Sometimes, I can’t tell. Why? Well. as I mentioned, I auto-post to Twitter where I know that of nothing else, the tweet will be seen. I can then look at Twitter to see how many “likes” my tweet received. Since it’s a link to a blog post, you’d normally thing people had read more than just the title. Sadly no. I can see multiple ”likes” on the tweet but statistically show zero views. That makes it difficult to determine whether or not the topic was popular at all.

So, I’ve decided over time not to worry about it and write what interests me and hopefully will interest at least a few others across the net. As always, stayed tuned.

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