What’s the Real Impediment to Freedom?

When do you know a religion just may be false? When the proof for the religion is the religion itself. What I mean by that is that in Christianity, they use the bible as “proof”. Islam is the same using the Koran as proof of the legitimacy of their belief. Think about it like this: You do science research and come across a breakthrough in your area of expertise. All you have to prove the breakthrough though are your notes and experiments and those experiments are such that no one else would ever be able to reproduce your results. Yet you claim your truth anyway. Two billion believe in Christianity and not one of them can tell anyone how or why they believe. All any can say is that it is the truth, whether anyone else wants to believe this truth or not. Asking for proof often brings down wrath from those that are unable to prove their own existence, much less the existence of their god. We who don’t believe are labeled as those that want to destroy society, to bring down democracy. “Marxists and Atheists” is the new call for preventing those thar disagree with instilling the New Theocratic Regime to be able to effectively argue against the false history that these theological sycophants are currently. pushing on our education system. I agree with a lot they say but to substitute one evil for another? No. You leave your religious fanaticism at home, I’ll being my skepticism and hope that yes, you will see the real light,

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