The End of the Democratic Kangaroo Court

I think we can safely say that if Republicans win the House, the end of the “January 6 Committee” will not be far behind. The completely fair and bi-partisan committee has done stellar work in doing everything possible to further divide an already divided country by spreading lies and not being transparent, allowing the people to view all the evidence and not just the handpicked video clips and cherry picked testimony to make those that believe MAGA is not anti-democracy to look like real insurrectionists. As we approach the mid-terms, the rhetoric from the rehtrsive left have returned to their old standby” Republicans are Nazi’’s and if Republicans take control of Congress this year. it will mean the end of Democracy is not far behind. Maybe that’s why the Justice Department is asking Congress for another $34 million to “continue January 6 investigations”. Congress to Justice Department: “We’ll get right on that.”

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