Voter Fraud Proponents Lose in Court

I’ve never been a fan of absentee balloting as it has evolved in the last couple of decades. A voter requesting an absentee ballot used to have to have a legitimate excuse for not standing in line and voting in person. Now, it’s ubiquitous in every state and in some states, there is no proof required. when the ballot is filled out, that thE person voting is legally able to do so. We lso have ballot collection boxes, not t be confused with mail boxes. These are set up around a city to collect just voting ballots and there have been accusations of dumping, that is people showing up with multiple ballots. With no way to verify, it had become a bit of an industry to have “drop box watchers” present to ensure no fraud is attempted. For some to say there is no voter fraud is magical thinking as there is in every election, How much varies but there is always some. Those concerned about clean and fair elections in the past have established processes attempting remediation Others would prefer nothing take place at all, Those opponents lost a major battle in federal court.

One thought on “Voter Fraud Proponents Lose in Court

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