House of Lies Begins its Collapse

I think most of us realized we were being gaslit by the government when after a few months into the “pandemic” there had been so much information self contradicted, sometimes within the same day, that people began to suspect that we were not being told the entire truth, if there was any truth to what was being said at all. Reputable scientists, not employed by the government laid out facts that could just not be dismissed, although out government dod a;; they could to prevent these dissenters from being heard including colluding with Big Tech to quash anything unapproved by the CDC, FDA, or NIH. By the end of 2020, it was clear to a lot of people that there was some sort of coverup going on but no one could really understand why our own leaders would choose to deceive us in the midst of a contagion that had most og the country shutdown for more than a year. I began questioning when the riots that summer began and we were told that those riots would not become “super spreaders”. What? People were being arrested all of the country for just walking together in pairs and thousands of rioters were not considered a danger to the public as to the virus? The final nail for me was the letter signed by over 1100 epidemiologists and virologists stating just that. I knew then the whole story was whole cloth. Now it looks like some in the media that had attacked those that questioned, are now questioning themselves.

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