Final Warning?

I’ve been waiting a while to respond, in my way to our president’s latest screed to the American people. Let’s review: in the beginning of September, in what I call his “Nuremberg Speech” he called those of us that would not succumb to his will, semi-fascists, hus latest refers to Republicans as a Threat to Democracy. That’s right, if we all do not vote for the Democrat candidates on Novmber 8, we are declared a threat to democracy. I guess that means, what exactly i’m unsure because isn’t the vote the true exercise in democracy? I think that’s what I learned as a kid in civics class.When I turned 18, other than registering for the draft(required), I registered to vote and it was then I knew I was a citizen of the greatest country on the planet. Epochs passed and because we were all numb from our success, never saw these current days arriving.

Hours before the recent speech, the presidents chief of staff went on air to tell the American people that this was the Final Warning from the President. Really? Final Warning? Then what exactly? That sounds fairly ominous to me,

If the election goes as currently predicted by many source, the Senate will be controlled by the Republicans by a. 53-47 majority(maybe more). The House? A minimum of 36 seats were expected until recently. Now, above 60. Of course we wont know for sure and these prognosticators have been wrong in the past. Most are certain though that the House will in fact be controlled by the Republicans and all they need to do is pick up a single seat in the Senate,

Either way Joe Biden becomes a lame duck for the next 2 years because unless he’s actually willing to work with the legislative majority, expect no legislation to come out of Washington at all. This comes back to the “warning”. What will he do, rule by Executive Order? It still takes Congress (House) to appropriate money for any initiative he desires to implement. Now what? Is he going to have the military give him the power he desires? Remember, he’s already threatened the use of F-15’s against his own people and even, remember? nuclear weapons. Don’t believe me? It’s all on video and like everything on the Internet, cannot be memory holed because it has become inconvenient.

Make sure you vote, for whomever you believe will represent your interests the best. This is the only way we can insure we’ll still have this right in the (near) future.

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