The End of Democracy?

Listening to some of the most desperate Democrats as the election quickly approaches, anyone paying attention to them , would believe that world will end if the Republicans sweep the election as is now expected. Top democrats, along wirh their media sycophants have stated unambiguouly that giving any power to the Republicans will mean an end to democracy. It’s amazing to me the panic in the voices, the urgency of the look into the camera lens as I hear that all that I know of that is good, will be lost, because of the way I might vote.

It’s always possible that none of us will see the next morning, that the end of the world will occur while we sleep. but that’s mostly science fiction, as science shows us that unless we destroy ourselves (and even if we do) the planet itself will continue on for quite a while.

I’m certain I’ve never witnessed the lunacy in an election as I am seeing right now. I don’t think it will end the day after the election either. The harpies of doom will only become louder and less sane as the 2024 presidential election approaches. Maybe they’ll actually attempt to create a real incident like an asteroid might hit the earth if, we all don’t vote the way they want us to vote.

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