The SJL War on Women

I believe it’s readily apparent to anyone that’s paid any attention in the last few years that there’s a War on Women.

I’m not referring to those awful conservatives, but on what’s been recently referred to as the Social Justice League. It’s not a problem with men, although there is a fairly large contingent of men that are SJL’s; more so, it’s women attacking other women for the audacity of having an opinion on social issues that diverge from SJL groupthink.

These are the same women that tell men to “shut up and listen” when a woman is speaking and yet when there’s a woman speaking that they disapprove of, want that woman to shut up and sit down. Silencing. Something many of the SJL have raged about for years.

Those that participate, and still call themselves skeptics, are nothing of the sort. Their tactics are so far from skepticism and free thinking as to become Orwellian in nature.

The SJL’s have a need to control speech, to the point of using a tactic they have also decried for years – doxxing another person. Although I was a little surprised by the recent incident, I shouldn’t have been.

To me, these people are nothing more than cockroaches; Those insects that when a light is turned on them, scatter for their preferred dark recesses and only from there do they lash out and attack.

Their attacks having nothing to do with facts, just slurs that when others do the same to them, cry harassment and stalking.

All these SJL’s seem to do is state the same old debunked “data” with the thought that if they say it enough, and say it louder, somehow it will become the truth.

Unfortunately, in some circles, it has become the de facto “truth” but that’s where those that dare to disagree have stepped up and to use a baseball metaphor, have knocked it out of the park.

With facts on their side, these same women are still subjected lies and speculation about their personal lives that would be nothing more than sexual harassment in any professional setting.

Then again, I’m not claiming that the SJL’s are in any way professional. They’re just a group of carnival freaks that, for free in this instance, provide infinite entertainment for the rest.

Of course, they and their minions take what they say seriously and in some way, we should as well if only to expose the stupidity that has come to infect, like insects, those that are truly skeptics.

4 thoughts on “The SJL War on Women

  1. I pointed out specifically in the post how the SJL crowd use tactics that they specifically decry, against others that disagree with them. These people claim to be “skeptics”. Skepticism requires reevaluating a position when the facts are against you. Therefore, these people are not truly skeptics as they refuse to reevaluate any of their positions. I don’t think you understand the “No True Scotsman” fallacy.


  2. “Skepticism requires reevaluating a position when the facts are against you.”

    I agree with this. But I am not convinced the facts are against them as you claim they are.


    • Please then, correct me as to the facts. I’m open in that way. Show me where I am wrong, I’ll gladly reevaluate any position I might currently hold.


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