The Conservative Atheist Wasteland


I recently read a post over at Atheist Revolution concerning what liberal atheists thought about we conservative atheists. Suffice to say I was not surprised.  It’s clear to me that most liberals cannot come to grasp the thought of someone being an atheist and a conservative, as if that were some sort of dichotomy. None can really even describe what a conservative is, beyond the bible-thumping evangelical type so they just don’t believe a conservative can be a non-believer.

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The 60% Solution

political divide

On occasion here, I write about politics. Rarely, but I do. This blog is more about atheism and skepticism than anything else but events occur that, as a blogger I don’t believe I should ignore. None of us that blog should. Whether it’s generic political, or terrorism, or maybe just something we’re interested in, we should never feel that we have to write on only a single topic.

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