Believing in Ideology Over Reason


As everyone knows that bothers to stop by here, I’m a conservative. If you didn’t realize that, just take a look at what this blog is called. I’m unashamed and because I am an atheist as well, nothing that I believed before I was an atheist has changed, with of course the obvious.

I sometimes, more often than not, see that there are those out on the tubes that don’t believe I can be both an atheist and a conservative. Sometimes, those comments online can become abusive. And they’re from both atheists and so-called traditional conservatives.

Of course, I rarely respond to the stupid, no matter where it comes from. Yes, I’ve even received threats from some that believe that I am just pretending to be an atheist in order to throw some sort of wrench into the “movement” (which doesn’t exist). Or that I can’t really be a conservative and not be a believer, and sometimes, some of those contain the same sort of threats.

I don’t care about anyone’s specific political or religious beliefs as long as they are not attempting to case harm to others. That I’m not only a conservative, meaning for me that government should have no say in what others practice as long as there is no harm to others, seems to make some angry.  Some may actually refer to me as a Liberal.

It doesn’t bother me, because someone that is a true liberal would believe as I do. Freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and on. Some that refer to themselves as liberal, or conservative, in my opinion want the opposite.

I’ll continue to speak out against both ideologies.

As for this blog, comment as you may. I don’t moderate but be aware that I’ll delete/ban anyone that I perceive as being anti-semitic or racist.  My blog, my privilege. Suffice to say though I’m interested in other opinions. I never think that mines the one that everyone should just take as fact.

Say what you want here. Disagree with me as you will. Be a freethinker and not believe what you’re supposed to believe based on any ideology.

Those of us fearing to say what we actually think or believe on any topic is anathema

to me. It’s the beginning of the end of freedom. We’re seeing the same occur around the world. We need to come together whether we aer atheists or not and reject the politics and rally around what we may do to improve the lives of those in our own community, and country.

7 thoughts on “Believing in Ideology Over Reason

  1. It didn’t take long to find something we non-believers agree upon.
    “I don’t care about anyone’s specific political or religious beliefs as long as they are not attempting to ca(u)se harm to others.”
    This is precisely my attitude towards the delusional believers who pray for and actively attempt to bring about The End of The World. Because: They believe they are blessed, special, and will live forever. Their God belief is all about them, certainly not about their fellow man. GROG


  2. A conservative? Gasp! I had no idea. I guess I better start calling you a “Nazi” since I am far too stupid to understand that there are not any Nazis left today (only some neo-Nazis, White nationalists, racists, and the like).

    Seriously though, you are in a rough niche. The conservatives who have blended fundamentalist Christianity into their political views won’t know what to do with you, and the atheists who have blended liberal politics into their atheism will be equally baffled. I am convinced that there are reasonable people out there who can get past all the nonsense, but I sure as hell wish there were a lot more of them!


  3. Good post. For my part, I find I have much more in common with Conservative believers than I do with Progressive nonbelievers. I left that bunch long ago. And, after the bitter taste of my atheism announcement leaves, the believers I deal online with find me reasonable because of my ethical viewpoints and my political conservatism.

    The Progressive atheists cannot get past that fact about me and if all was well before they knew that about me, nothing is ever the same after. I am forever more an uneducated idiot, unable to fathom the truth they insist they solely hold. They are, with few exceptions, so filled with anger and hate for my sort.

    So…there are three and more. One just has to seek them out. You know how atheists are so difficult to pin down in a group. LOL. I like “The Atheist Conservative” for one such place. And, of course, this is my new place to feel at home. Thanks.


    • So now, it’s me, you, and Jack. We’re close to taking the whole thing over! 🤠 Reason over ideology. Reason over belief. How difficult is that to understand?


  4. I am also a conservative atheist. Which is really the minority in the atheist community. I wouldn’t say that the majority of liberals are atheists, but the majority of atheists are liberals. Most of the liberal atheists I’ve encountered don’t consider me to be a real atheist because of my conservative views. And also I couldn’t possibly be a real atheist since I refuse to mix ideology with my atheism. Even though the 2 are as separate as water & oil. It really poisons the well, or muddies the water to atheism. This is what happens when PC meets atheism, I don’t know if it has a name but then it’s so ugly it doesn’t really need one.And as an atheist myself I can’t help but feel tainted by association and believe me I’m as atheist as it’s possible to be.
    I think its important to remind believers & non-believers that atheism is not an ideology, it is not a world view. It is nothing more than a single position on a single issue. If you believe that gods exist you are a theist, if you do not believe, you are an atheist. Everything else that would be considered ideological, is SEPARATE. Which is why atheists can be republican, conservative, libertarian, green party, liberal, pro-life, pro-choice, etc. None of those things are derived from atheism. Atheism doesn’t tell you anything at all about what you should do, it tells you what it is that you do not believe.

    Thank you again for your blogs. It’s a relief to find other atheists who aren’t acrimonious.


  5. Ryan, I could not agree with you more! Yes! Atheism is only a lack of deity belief. How difficult is that? We are as different and as alike as any other group of human beings. All my online life I have put that concept out into the ether. It has taken hold of some believers sometimes. Even has it allowed me to be very good friends with a very devout Evangelical in real life…and we speak of it on occasion, our differences in believing. She claims we are just alike…except for that one thing. I find that to be pretty wonderful, especially since we are older people and she 10 years older than I. People our age are different from younger generations in what we hold as acceptable in social ties. I thought I would lose her friendship when first I revealed my atheism.

    About reason; most believers claim to reason their way to deity belief, which is so frustrating when they are also the sort that takes scripture literally. What? Yet, there it is. I am lacking, so they tell me, in the knowledge it takes to reason my way to understanding that God exists…but if I just give scripture another chance, then with help, I can get there. LOL

    And, truth is, that there are believers who are good reasoners that reaffirm their faith through their reason. Those are rarely the sort who are scriptural literalists.

    I know how you feel about finding like-minded atheists among whom we may discuss anything with civility and intelligence.


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