Preventing Online Harassment with Grifters and Harassers?

It appears that Google has decided to jump in the fight against online harassment. Good for Google, right? Well, maybe not. It doesn’t seem that the online search corporation has performed even a modicum of research on it’s own engine to determinewho might be a good representative for their new initiative.

Yes, in fact they’ve taken up with those known online abusers Anita Sarkessian, Randi Harper, and Zoe Quinn to headline this project. In case you haven’t seen this, here’s a group photo.


I’m not familiar with some of the other faces in the group photo but I know that google has jumped the shark on this one. I’m actually surprised I don’t see Brianna Wu or Shanley Kane. Really, what’s going on here when you invite 3 of the most prolific liars and abusers to join you in a new enterprise and leave out 2 that would do nothing but further enhance your company’s credibility?

Of course, it’s only because the 3 mentioned above have received so much positive attention from the MSM that they’ve been invited to join and it’s Google’s ineptitude and “PC” attitude that allows them to keep their blinders on to the lies and distortions proffered by these same.

Of course, Google fights back with this tweet. Yeah, yeah, yeah. for a bunch of supposedly smartest people in the world they are certainly showing their immaturity and lack of awareness here.

Just like everything else that happens in the PC space, this will soon fall apart. It will take Google some time to figure it out, but they will . They’ll realize that the abuse preventers they’ve associated with (paid?) are nothing more than a group of grifters and online abusers themselves.

Maybe at that time they’ll add Shanley and Wu to enhance their credibility.

One thought on “Preventing Online Harassment with Grifters and Harassers?

  1. You predict that this effort will “fall apart.” And if it doesn’t, can we expect you to post about your failed prediction, say a year from now.


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