Are Women Harrassed Online More than Men?

This is a surprising article concerning online harassment.

From The Daily Beast, writer Cathy Young comes a story about online harassment. It seems that there’s actually data out there. Gee, who would’ve thought, before making any kind of outrageous claim about harassment that data be provided to back up any statement?

Here’s an interesting quote from the article which, for context, is informing the reader of a small survey taken in Britain. This quote has to do with the abusers gender.

While about three-quarters of the offenders were men, about 40 percent of the abusive tweets to women were sent by other women.

Another interesting quote from the article

The Demos report on Twitter abuse toward public figures is only one of several studies that cast doubt on the assumption that the Internet is a hotbed of male hostility toward women. In an earlier Demos analysis, women on Twitter were almost as likely as men to use “gendered” derogatory language.

It’s an interesting article and doesn’t appear, IMO to be biased in any way, just stating, finally, some statistics about online harassment. Definitely worth the time to read.

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