FDA and CDC to Biden: I Don’t Think So

They’re not even trying to hide it anymore, what’s that you say? All of those people from the government that told us we have to follow the science and not be influenced ideologically. about COVID and especially the vaccines. Remember when President Biden stood before the American people and pushed for all to receive a booster shot if they’d had the original vaccine for at least 6 months? Recall he said it was going to be available on September 20th, and he wanted everyone eligible to get the booster ASAP. This was, of course, contingent on approval of the booster by the FDA, which it seems he thought would be a slam-dunk. Boy was he surprised!

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You’re Your Own Lie Detector


Everyone has, what’s known in the world of gambling as a tell. A tell is simply something a person does, unconsciously, when they are being deceptive.  This doesn’t necessarily indicate the person is untrustworthy it’s just they want to keep some knowledge they possess, close to the vest (another gambling aphorism). But this can also tell you a lot about another person. For instance, how often, when speaking with this person do you notice this little tick, or whatever it happens to be? A lot or only when speaking of certain subjects?

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Media Malfeasance: A Sarah Braasch Story



So sitting around today, deciding to peruse my twitter account for a little while, to catch up on anything that may be interesting going on, I happened across a story tweeted by my friend Sarah Braasch. As many of you know, I’ve written about her “Napping While Black” incident that occurred at Yale in May of 2018 several times. I’ve even seen and have been appalled by some of the coverage of this incident, not only from Yale’s own student newspaper (it actually bothers me to refer to it as a “newspaper”) to others as in the New york Times and other major news and media outlets. To say the coverage has been one-sided would be a huge understatement as everyone, from members of the Yale administration and beyond have gone out of their way to assassinate Sarah’s character.

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