Play Sports, Not Politics


Why are we insistent in politicizing sports events? I’m a soccer fan and it annoys me to no end that these teams in the U.S. and around the world virtue signal by wearing warm-ups with “Black Lives Matter” emblazoned on them and then before the match begins, everyone, players, coaches, staff, kneel. It’s disgusting and fans don’t care for it.

It’s infected all sports that have returned this summer, baseball, basketball, and it shows by their ratings: Baseball and basketball ratings are shockingly down. Fans watch sports for entertainment, not to be lectured by millionaire players about social justice. Broadcasters are freaking out because, viewers means advertising revenue. Fewer viewers equates to less money per advertising minute which means, over time, losing money on these games.

But this social justice signal seems to have spread, like the Wuhan virus, everywhere. As mentioned, it’s all over the soccer world, all over Europe, everywhere. Will we now start kneeling at the beginning of the work day at our various places of work? Sounds silly, but don’t be surprised.

Yes, racism exists, at some level everywhere, and it’s not proprietary to white people nor is it systemic as wild-eyed, left-wing pundits would like us to believe. Do they even know what systemic means? It seems not. If what they pontificate were true, we’d be witnessing, daily, the abuse by “whites” of people of color. We don’t see that. Do we sometimes notice discrimination? Sure, but it’s rare today.  It’s not systemic and when it’s identified, we have laws to provide remedies to those affected.

Sporting events have been one way of bring people together not matter race, ethnicity, gender, etc. When fans come together to cheer for their team, no one is considering the race of the player on the field, they just want their team to win. sports is the everyman around the world. It is the blue-collar people that have made all of these games popular, and made many of these players multi-millionaires – not the elites that sit in Washington D.C., or New York, and screeching abut “social justice” – so these players should be deferential to those who they owe not only allegiance to but their very livelihood:  their supporters.

Just as no one cares is a player is a Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative, no one turns on their television to watch their team attempt to become woke by playing a political game instead of the game that they are being paid to play.

2 thoughts on “Play Sports, Not Politics

  1. With the exception of ice hockey and jai-alai, most professional team sports players are POC, who make fantastic salaries and have unbelievable contracts, and who are the recipients of many perks and ass-kissing to keep them in their accustomed state of near-divinity. How is this possible in a country that has systemic racism?

    They have turned my stomach for a long time with their despicable treatment of others and of those among them, who would choose to exhibit some virtues, as well as, appreciation of their fans. I can’t for the life of me figure out why “normal” human beings would choose to watch these big babies play their games, let alone pay exorbitant prices to attend games. Let them go. Watch minor league sports teams, watch high school sports teams. Stop feeding these pitiful excuses for adult men.

    They should be shunned and offered tickets out of America.


    • I honestly don’t believe many players actually care about this, and they are socially (within the team) to participate or be shunned. If this nonsense continues, watch how fast networks drop their broadcasts because it’s costing them too much. money. THEN, the teams will actually become “woke” recognizing their fans want nothing to do with their “social justice” BS.


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