First They Came For Sara, and I Said Nothing…

Did you know that there’s a Tumblr account out there now that “stalks” Sara Mayhew’s Twitter account? I just found out in the last week.

The site is called Things Mayhew Says and is a daily record of tweets from Ms. Mayhew. Now I’m not perfectly sure who’s responsible for this site, but according to Sara herself, it’s someone associated with the Skepchicks. That’s really interesting isn’t it? Aren’t these the same people, along with a few at Freethought Blogs that constantly complain about others on Twitter Storifying the inane things that they sometimes spew?
I guess fair is fair, and it appears to me from her response, that Sara views this endeavor as somewhat humorous. I doubt Sara spends any time obsessing over people posting her tweets. Unlike the others.
The reason I mention this specifically is that Sara is just one of those women that are active skeptics and atheists that are constantly trashed by some because these women refuse to drink the Koolaid of what has become known as Radical Feminism.
Recall the summer of 2012 when Dr. Harriet Hall dared to wear a t-shirt at TAM that had printed on the front, I Feel Safe at TAM? Blog after blog from the Usual Suspects were written during that time and afterwards excoriating her for having the temerity to wear that shirt especially since they all came out and said in the year before that TAM was not a safe place for women. How dare she!
And don’t forget where this whole schism started, when Dr. Abbie Smith spoke out in 2011 against the lead Skepchick trashing a student at a conference. Recall there was one of the supporters that tried to get Dr. Smith fired from her job? Just for speaking up. Just for advocating fairness and reasonable discussion.
This is what women in our community that speak out against the hate perpetrated by some are subjected to on a daily basis. Don’t you dare point out our logical fallacies, and that our accusations against organizations and individuals have no basis in fact.
The examples I gave above are but a few of the more well known women in our community that are subjected to this sort of abuse on a regular basis.
Let me give you a quick list of some of the others(in no particular order)…
Miranda Hale
Renee Hendricks
Aneris (don’t know her real name)
EllenBeth Wachs
Dr. Eliza Sutton
Karla Porter
Maria Maltzeva
Katie G.
Diane Bruce
Ambrosiax (yeah, I know her name, but won’t publish without permission)
Sharon Hill
…and these are just one ones that immediately come to mind. I’m sure if I sat around for a little while I would be able to double that list. Or triple.
All of these people are the ones we are really want to know. These are women that speak their minds and I guarantee you, if you follow them on Twitter, won’t take crap from anyone.
Because they happen to live in reality though, instead of some self-perceived world where criticism equals hate and misogyny or rape apology, these are some of the women on what I refer to as The List. The list of women to not associate with, to avoid at all times no matter what. Hell, I’ve seen some that have stated that if they become aware that these women are attending a conference, then they’ll bow out and have even encouraged their sycophants, yeah, their boot lickers, to do the same.
I written some in the past about people being reasonable, having a dialogue (oh noes!) and attempting to understand others’ positions. I’m not the only one to do that either.
All attempts in good faith though falls on deaf ears and especially if it comes from one of the above women, the attacks become more voracious. So they’ve pretty much given up and honestly, I don’t blame them at all.
I do hope that more people in the community will recognize and reject what has become a toxic group of people that will do whatever they can to marginalize, even trying to affect careers, of those women that will stand up and call bullshit when it’s bullshit.

9 thoughts on “First They Came For Sara, and I Said Nothing…

  1. I think it’s really funny. Because the people who endorse that ‘stalking’ account were the ones trying to get Elevatorgate kicked off twitter for storifying them. And, of course, they made it all about them and EG’s ‘obvious mental illness for ‘stalking’ them,’ never mind he storified a LOT of people, including people the complainers hate because it’s an easy-to-use, fairly-automated process.

    Anyway, I’m Sara doesn’t care. They’ve spent so much time trying to drive her away that she seems to have become immune to their middle-school games.


    • What the SJW’s really hate about Sara and most of the others I mentioned in the piece is that they mock them. As we all know by now, the SJW’s can’t take even a little criticism without going into a hissy-fit claiming harassment or hate.


  2. This certainly seems like another example of rank hypocrisy. My guess is that they see what they are doing with this Tumblr as quite different from what they accuse others of doing. “It is okay when we do it.”


    • Of course!I think it’s hilarious though. Everyone can disagree. We also can learn from one another. It’s a shame that some won’t recognize that they’re not always “right”.


    • Exactly! The women I mentioned won’t “tow the line” of the Rad Fems so they’re looked upon as “chill girls” and ” sister punishers”. They won’t become robots to a religion that they don’t believe in.


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  4. As I wrote to you, I am more of the ‘unknown gender’ camp and am pretty much against the whole identity politics / ad hominem affair that came in when minds on the internet got assigned skin colours, body mass, and genders. It’s suddenly an important thing, while ideas and their merits (and healthy skepticism) were denigrated as hyperskepticism.

    I’ve seen different people, associated with different sides “monitor” what people of another camp write. I personally don’t see a problem with it, as long as it is public information made available with the intention that a lot of people see it, which is the premise of public tweets. If someone wishes to be private, or communicate only to a selected group of sympathizers, they have such options at their disposal.

    In my experience, the whole gender thing has a different purpose. It was introduced and is used by the Social Justice League to score points, as ‘accepted’ Ad Hominem attacking. However, they are just as critical of women as they are of men. It is just a convenient story to claim the men were misogynist and the women somehow in league with it. It can be applied at all times, and whenever some reaction cames back, it can be, again framed in the same way.


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