Only the Religious Have Values

I was on my way home from work today, listening to the radio and heard some of the most unbelievable dialogue ever.

I have satellite radio in my vehicle and was tuned in to Fox News. The show is The Five. Honestly, I actually enjoy that show because it’s topical to a degree, but also to listen/watch the antics. Sure, I know what you’re going to say, that I just watch the show because they have some really hot women on that show. Well, that too.
Today was special though, because their “A Block” started off with a discussion of faith. Specifically, one of the women hosts was talking about the upcoming Russell Crowe movie, Noah, and how Hollywood is discovering how much people want movies like this. The example given was the History Channels The Bible series that was on this week and the ratings.
Okay, that’s great. You know, I like fantasy stories as well. In fact, I was actually planning on going to see Noah when it comes out in theaters. I really do like movies in that genre. I’ve seen The Ten Commandments, Ben Hur, King of Kings, etc. and enjoyed each of them.
My problem with the discussion is how the five of them (thus the name of the show) tried to correlate the making of religiously themed movies (there’s another movie, about Mary, the mother of Jesus coming out next year as well) had something to do with people’s yearning(my word, not theirs) for movies and television that were spiritual(meaning, I guess, Christian). They also, in the same context, discussed the lack of values in the country now and that these programming and movie decisions were just responding to peoples wanting to return to values(I have no idea what they meant by that other than “Christian values”).
Now sure, they all admitted that Noah would be a huge money maker for Hollywood, and I agree. What was interesting to me was that these people didn’t think this was the primary reason for the production! Really. Are these people that stupid? That’s all the movie industry is about. Find a genre that attracts movie-goers, and make enough movies and sequels until people become sick of them. Now, move to the next “big thing”. It’s all about money and what they can dupe people into spending as much as $15 per ticket to see.
If this movie is successful, and I believe it will be, wait for Hollywood to come out with more Old Testament stories. How about Daniel? Sure to be exciting.
But I digress, as usual.
They also, during the same block spoke about the rise in religious affiliation and church attendance but as recent surveys have shown, none of that is true. The fact is, that religion is losing it’s influence in the United States.
But hey, let’s not let facts get in the way of the show!
What really got to me though was this one host, Eric Bolling(he’s on Twitter BTW) that during the back and forth made a statement to this effect (paraphrasing)”…and these Atheists that are trying to stifle free speech and freedom of religion”.
What? This is a guy though, that claims in the same segment, “I wear my faith on my sleeve”. Well, Mr. Bolling, great for you, but do you have to push your faith on the remainder of the country?
How are Atheists trying to stifle speech? Please, citation not only needed, but required. How are Atheists trying to prevent you from practicing you faith? Come on, you can cite at least one example can’t you? Nope.
Now, understand, believe it or not, for a cable “news” show (It’s not really news, more like The View, except it’s about politics) gets around 1.5 million viewers per day. No, I didn’t pull that out of any orifice.
Just because I don’t happen to subscribe to certain people’s biblical values, does not mean I have none. Because I refuse to allow others to set the laws of the land based on some book, written by nomads more than 2000 years ago, doesn’t indicate anything other than I believe the veracity of your book as much as I do The Hobbit.
To the viewers of programs like this that have no experience outside their narrow views, we, as Skeptics and Atheists are viewed as the evil people. We’re the people that ask questions, confront ignorance, fight for equality for all people in any way we can(sans violence). We’re the ones that stand up and are derided and even cursed because we don’t(and won’t) let a group, even if they happen to be the majority, define how all people live their lives.
The Founding Fathers of this country were aware of this and even instituted government to that effect: that the minority would always have a voice.
We’re growing though, this minority of Skeptics and Atheists, and this is what really scares those that would impose their religious values upon society. Now that I think about that last statement, I’m smiling.

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