Twitter Butthurt: Again?

What is it about social media some people don’t seem to understand?

People are demanding changes to Twitter so that not only will they be able to block someone they don’t wish to engage, that they will be able to do something they’re referring to as a Full Block, meaning that not only will they not see tweets from the blocked individual but also that the person will not be able to see any of their tweets, ever.
My friend @beagrie has an excellent post on this new issue that has recently popped up and I also wanted to say a few more words about Twitter; even though I’ve written about it before.
I am still relatively new to Twitter, compared to a lot of you as I’ve only had an account for a little over a year now. I find Twitter to be a lot of fun most of the time and to be able to “talk” to people from around the world has been not only enjoyable but educational for me as well. The reason I say that is because I am able to see different perspectives from people in different countries in which we are mutually interested.
I also like that Twitter is probably the most democratic social media platform that exists right now. People can say pretty much anything they want as long as they realize that not everyone that reads their opinion may agree.
There are some though that think Twitter should be their personal, private playground and that they should be able to say anything they want without having those pesky other Twitter users daring to disagree with them.
Here’s an idea: quit tweeting stupid things that might provoke a negative response. Now, I realize that all of us do this on occasion, but then most of us are adult enough to take the heat for opinions we proffer that may not be popular within the Internet community. Here’s what I do: move on.
Sometimes those responses I receive turn into interesting back-and-forth “conversations” and there’s never any animosity shown, just disagreement. For others though that give me something akin to “Fuck Off”, well, like I said, I just move on. I ignore those responses because that person is not obligated to follow me or even read my tweets. I am not obligated to respond.
I’m really exhausted with those that believe they have some special privilege, a belief that they are so important that they may dictate to the rest of us what we may or may not (legally) say on a public forum. As @beagrie says in his post, there are always options that Twitter already has in place.
I would be very concerned if Twitter started enacting changes to their network based on a few, very few, people. In fact, I would probably delete my account. I’m not so addicted(yet) to Twitter that I am not able to give it up. Neither should you.
I’m going to say this one more time: if you can’t take heat for something you’ve tweeted that others disagree with then either a) block those people so you don’t see their tweets, b) take your account private so only those you allow can see your tweets, and finally c) delete your account and find another method to communicate with your “friends”. Please don’t bother the entire Twitter community with your feelings of special privilege.

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