Stirring Up Drama Without Trying

Well, another day, another contrived drama. Well, actually this one occurred yesterday.

There was a guest post over at Chris Stedman’s blog that stirred up some Twitter-ites. The blog is basically a hit piece Ayaan Hirsi Ali. The author tends to spew out of context quotes and general dismissal of a woman that has worked for years for women’s rights in Muslim countries. Go read it for yourself. I really don’t know that much about Ms. Ali, but I have seen and read a few interviews of her and I was always impressed with her.

What’s really troubling for me overall though is that the writer didn’t really appear to perform even a modicum of research before writing. She didn’t attempt to be fair. I guess this comes from Ms. Ali being fairly conservative in her political views. I’ve noticed that so-called progressive feminist women are often dismissive and even cruel to other women that do not walk lock step with their views.

So my friend Damion Reinhardt wrote what I would call a response piece. Damion showed by quoting Ms. Ali in context from a Reason magazine interview in 2007 that the conclusions from the other piece were not, well, correct. Maybe I should be a bit more gracious and say that Ms. Ali’s words may be interpreted differently.

Of course, Damion tweeted out the post and had a “@” to the other author. This is where the drama started. Here’s the Storify Damion created to document the “conversation”. Note also at the bottom, I tweeted Damion about his excellent deconstruction and the response I received.

The question remains: How is anyone supposed to automatically know they are blocked by another user? In my case, as far as I know, and I searched my timeline to verify, I had never tweeted that person before. But I’m blocked. I’m guessing only because she subscribes to the infamous Block Bot where I was listed as a Level 2 at some time (I’m actually hoping to make it to Level 1, one day.).

Of course this started a bit of a storm of tweets between several of us wondering what the hell was going on with this person. I’m sure, right now, even though no one is “@”ing her, she’s probably claiming harassment or bullying of some sort. This is what The Usual Suspects always do when someone disagrees with something they’ve written or said.

How about defending yourself with facts? Oh, and anyone can be wrong. Instead of throwing mud at people that do happen to have facts on their side, be an adult and admit that you made a mistake. Once that’s done, trust me, there wouldn’t be any Twitter “harassment” coming your way.

One thought on “Stirring Up Drama Without Trying

  1. “I guess this comes from Ms. Ali being fairly conservative in her political views.”

    I don’t think this statement is completely accurate. From her Wikipedia biographical page, she sounds more like a libertarian to me.

    “Hirsi Ali is a member of the VVD, a Dutch political party that combines conservative views on the economy, foreign policy, crime and immigration with a liberal stance on drugs, abortion and homosexuality.”


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