Apple, Inc. Jumps the Shark

Do you ever read something on the Internet and immediately facepalm? I just did that a few moments ago. It’s been confirmed that Apple has removed all games from its App Store that have depictions of the Confederate flag. When I first saw some mentions earlier this morning, I thought it was a joke, and it is, but on Apple’s consumers.

I’ve been a huge fan of Apple for many years. I own lots of hardware from Apple. I’m typing this post right now on my Macbook Air. I’ve also known that for a long time, Apple has had a bit of an SJW streak. It didn’t really bother me because Apple has always been socially conscious. That’s not bad in the whole but sometimes, the inmates take over the asylum and that’s what appears to have happened here.

Here’s a statement from one of their (now former) application developers. Because their very popular game includes depictions of the flag of the Confederacy, it’s been removed until modifications are made. Well, it doesn’t look like they’re going to make changes to the game.

It looks like tha these people, Game-Labs, are not the only company affected. All similar games within the store have been removed as well.

I wonder what’s next? Will Apple remove all games from the App Store that contain depictions of the Nazi flag? I believe that flag offends just as many people as the former.

This whole kerfuffel over a flag is now going beyond the reasonable to the ridiculous. I do however like how the developer ended their statement:

We can’t change history, but we can change the future.

I hope the other developers, like Game-Labs, don’t give in to this extortion. It’s a shame that Apple believes these games might be so offensive that even in historical context, are unacceptable.

I hope Apple, for their sake, reverse this decision. This is one of the worst public relations fiascos in recent years. Maybe, they’ll realize that.

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