A Logical Demonstration that God Does Not Exist

doesgodexistBelow is a guest post, from Ann. Her recent comments to me inspired this post . I couldn’t answer the second part of her comment so I asked her to send me her irrefutable proof of the non-existence of any god. She’s challenging me and I guess anyone else to shoot holes in her logic. Feel free to do so in the comments. I’m certain she’s waiting with baited  breath to hear any and all objections.

When it comes to the existence of God, there are exactly two possibilities:
A: God does not exist
B: God does exist
A: If the answer is in fact A (God does not exist), then that is the end of the matter even if we don’t realize it.
B: If the answer is in fact B (God does exist), then there are only two possibilities:
   B1: God exists but never interacts with us
   B2: God exists and does interact with us
▸ B1: If the answer is in fact B1, (God exists but never interacts with us),
          this is a proposition that merely dissolves into Deist fantasy.
A god who “never interacts with us” is the same as no god at all.
And there is no difference between “no god at all” and “the same as no god at all.”
▸ B2: If the answer is thought to be B2 (God exists and interacts with us), then it is simply false.
No supernatural being or event has ever interacted with us.
Not ever. Not from the beginning of time up to the present moment; not from the most minute organism or subatomic particle to the largest galaxy. Not anything. Not ever.
Every single phenomenon ever is exclusively due to natural causes.
No supernatural phenomenon has ever been observed.
No supernatural interaction has ever occurred.
No supernatural intervention has ever been necessary to have attained the natural universe.
Not ever. Not even once.
So in summary:
A: God (or anything supernatural) does not exist — End of story
B: Something supernatural does exist
   B1: but does not interact with us — Same as “does not exist”
   B2: and does interact with us — False

5 thoughts on “A Logical Demonstration that God Does Not Exist

  1. What a good demonstration!
    It is so perfect, and so irrefutable.

    It is the best demonstration that I have ever seen!
    In fact, it is the best demonstration that is even theoretically possible!

    The author must be a genius!

    ~ Not Ann’s mother

    : D


  2. What is God/god? Someone has to provide a clear definition, and then we have to evaluate as to whether it is fit for further evaluation.


    • Hi, Richard ~

      It’s common for people to claim that “God” has to be defined before any meaningful discussion can take place.
      But I have solved that difficulty, which I think is specious anyway.
      Demanding that impossible task is merely a tactic to avoid dealing with the argument.

      BTW, the fact that “god” is undefinable indicates that “god” is a word without a referent, another demonstration that the being in question is imaginary, existing only in the mind, like invisible pink unicorns.

      Here is how I have resolved this dilemma of the inability to define “God/god”:

      This demonstration applies to ANY supernatural being of any kind, as defined or understood or perceived in any way whatsoever.

      (And that includes any supernatural phenomenon or event of any kind too.)

      That means that the actual title is:
      “A Logical Demonstration that No Supernatural Being of Any Kind Whatsoever Exists”

      Then throughout the entire argument, the word “God/god” is replaced with “any supernatural being of any kind whatsoever.”

      I would have published the original with the phrase “any supernatural being of any kind whatsoever” instead of “god,” but I wanted to avoid making it more wordy than I had to.


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