People See Jesus Everywhere


It’s always been a source of humor for me when I see a news story concerning another Jesus or Virgin Mary sighting. I’ve read about them and also seen them on national news broadcasts. It’s kind of funny to me that Jesus would appear on a piece of toast or a bun of some sort. Even that he would be seen as a cloud formation.

Of course, most people, even Christians, believe that these are just accidental patterns in the bread when toasted or how the cloud formation is blown by the wind, but there are always those that will claim that the pattern is some sort of divine message or proof that Jesus is real.

A friend, a few years ago, showed me how creating these patterns could be done with a piece of bread, some melted butter, and an artists paintbrush. When he was done, and the piece of toast came out of the toaster, sure enough!, there was a silhouette of Jesus on the toast. It takes a little bit of artistic competence, which I don’t have; I have trouble drawing a decent stick figure.

Christianity is based on faith and therefore it’s strange that anyone would need some sort of proof that their god exists, or is someway, in the toast, speaking to them. A bit contradictory isn’t it?

Aliens visit us because, you know, crop circles. Jesus exists because I saw his image on a piece of toast. I was just outside and noticed a cloud that looked suspiciously like a duck on a pond.  I wonder what the meaning of that is supposed to be?

2 thoughts on “People See Jesus Everywhere

  1. It’s a sad comedown for God, Creator of Heaven and Earth, to be reduced to a silhouette on a bun.

    Back in the day, He could create the sun and the moon and all the stars just in a day’s work; and in a few hours, he could create all the plants and animals and even a couple of people.

    Now he just haunts toasters and hangs around taco stands, giving people an April-Fool’s-type jolt when he comes popping out.

    He’s sort of more like a Muppet really.


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