Your Mythology is not Science


When I see a creationist criticize atheists as those people that believe that the universe was created from nothing, even though I’ve heard this for decades, I still shake my head. How is anything created from nothing? Yet, these same people persist in their false accusation because it fits the narrative, from their text, of how the universe came into existence.

That there are 2 contradictory creation stories in the first 2 chapters of Genesis doesn’t seem to bother creationists at all. Creationists say it’s the story from 2 different perspectives and although some of the differences are startling, that doesn’t seem to both any of them.

With their reasoning(and I say that facetiously) that God created the universe, then what they are saying is that something was in fact created from nothing. Something that science, nor any atheist I’ve ever met says.

This is not a subject I usually write about mainly because I actually don’t care what creationists have to say. Creationism, or as they like to refer to it Creation Science has absolutely zero validity in any hall of actual science and there is only one reason anyone should be interested in it: When these same people try to force the teaching of this nonsense in our public schools.

I’m not even sure if creationism is taught in private, religious primary and secondary schools. Why? They couldn’t be accredited. I know several people that graduated from schools like these, even colleges, that have told me it was not part of the curriculum outside taking a religion course.

Creation Science is something that needs to be placed alongside their bronze age mythology. Where it belongs.

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