None of the News, None of the Time

newsWith the exception of local, I rarely watch the news anymore. In fact, it’s been this way since the 2016 election that I’ve rarely tuned into any of the cable news channels. It actually started before then, when I discovered that most of the cable channels viewed our previous President as The Second Coming. Sickening sycophants . Not much has changed.

It’s Trump all the time. Or D.C., all the time. Anything that happens beyond those two, are rarely mentioned.  What none of these realize I think is that most people outside the New York and D.C. elite media, mostly could care less. Most people in this country are working, raising their families, and just going about their everyday lives.

The massive fires occurring in California right now?  Hardly a 2 minute segment those times when I’ve changed the channel. The story of the Muslims training children to shoot up schools, etc? That would’ve have been a huge story a few years ago. Almost nothing. I think I’ve seen more about these 2 events online than I’ve seen the few times I’ve looked at any news channel.

I realize that Trump Means Ratings for these channels but on the other hand, they’re not performing the service they claim to be by keeping viewers informed about events happening around the country, or the world. All of these channels have more reporters in D.C. and New York than they do anywhere around country or world.

I don’t know about everyone else, but I don’t think I can take another Trump rally, broadcast live. It’s the same thing every time I’ve seen one. No Breaking News, nothing that is impactful that I can tell in any way to my life. And the anti-Trump channels? How about just saying that you HATE Trump and move on to stories that may be meaningful or interesting to the viewers.

At least with local news, I can find out what’s going on around in my area. Not that I’m all that interested because local for me is 60 miles away, but they at least have stories that are meaningful in some way.

Probably 90% of the news I consume is online.  A lot of people I know say mostly the same thing. Traditional news doesn’t present what I want to know about and when they do, it’s down to a 1 or 2 minute segment. Hardly informative. Online I can read various stories from different perspectives that allow me to form an opinion or just receive information on something I’m interested in.

It’s not news when it’s just a regurgitation of the same nonsense daily. I think one day we’ll see the death of these channels, if they remain the same and why would they change?

It’s not about informing the public anymore. The news is about ratings and advertising revenue. No different than any entertainment show on television. Maybe that’s why it’s known as Infotainment.

One thought on “None of the News, None of the Time

  1. I use TV national news to give me a broad overview of what’s going on and then supplement that with online news when I want to learn more about particular events. Although this works well most of the time, the near constant Trump coverage does mean that the TV news usually misses some important stuff. So going online helps with that too.


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