Some People are Too Good for Social Media (Yet They Persist)


I’ve written about social media a bit here and I  pretty much have the same opinion of it as I always have: It’s not a place I want to hang out on much because of the type of people that seem to spend their entire day there complaining about one thing or another. Or, as with a few people, I seem to get to know everything they do, every moment of their day and I really don’t need to know that much about someone I’ve never met in person.

I mostly use Twitter. It’s a good way to publicize this blog  and also send news articles out that I find interesting. That’s about it. I don’t spend a lot of time interacting with others directly because its too easy to become sucked into a conversation that I’m really not that much interested in to begin with. Sure, I may make a comment on a topic, but beyond that I’m really not interested in having a long discussion with anyone about anything there. I really prefer to have those conversations face-to-face.

I don’t think I’m better than other people, it’s just that platforms like Twitter and Facebook can start to monopolize time if I allow it and there are better things I can be doing in my spare time. Like writing my blog!

There are some that do look down on all of these platforms as if they’re too good, too smart, too adult, for the rest of us. That’s okay, but then instead of telling the rest of us how you’re too smart for social media, why not just delete all of your accounts? I doubt anyone would actually miss you and in fact, you may be doing everyone else a favor. I’d rather not be condescended to by someone that appears to have no use for other people. It must be lonely to be like that. But then, if any of those are reading this, they probably don’t recognize themselves. They rarely do.

When I run into someone like that on Twitter, I usually unfollow that person. I don’t need someone telling me how much smarter and more mature they are than I am – or anyone else for that matter – or how wrong I am on any and everything I might think. I’m not on Twitter so that those people will feel better about themselves with their constant snark towards others that they think they are too good for.

It’s just an informational platform for me. A way to get some information out I think others might be interested in and also to see how others are reacting to some of the news of the day. Sometimes, it’s even a good place to get blog  ideas from depending on what people are talking about.

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