Too Little, Too Late for the Catholic Church


coverupThere’s more news in the Catholic Church child abuse scandal I thought I might report. As this story gathers steam, I’ve decided to continue to write about it. We all need to do what we can to keep this story alive and do what we can to hold those accountable that have been sexually abusing children for decades, if not longer.

A recent story from The Hill informs us that several states have either begun are in the process of starting investigations into the church.  Although not a lot to date, I think this is just the beginning for the Catholic Church.  State Attorney’s General are politicians and of course as more information comes out from other states about child sexual abuse, more of the AG’s will come on board.

Unfortunately, there probably won’t be a  lot of prosecutions, due to each state’s statute of limitations on these crimes, but I think it may encourage state legislators to look at their current law and change it. Most of what will come out of all of these impending and hopefully future investigations will be the extent of the abuse and how the church conspired to cover up.

This is an institution in crisis that the leadership refuses to recognize. If the Pope’s recent visit to Ireland is any indicator, people are finally coming to the realization that they no longer need the Catholic Church, or any other for that matter, to live their lives. The scandalous behavior of this one organization has driven people away in droves.

They somehow think that after some time passes, all will be well again, but this is not the 14th century where they can dictate what people believe or how they act. They can no longer hide in their abbeys and convents.  It’s says a lot that none can come to this realization.

Of course, the Pope is sorry for the abuse that happened in Pennsylvania , and wrote a non-apology, apology to that effect. But he has more important issues on his mind than the welfare of children of his congregants. No, I’m not exaggerating. The Pop’s priorities are climate change and the issues with migrants (he’s an open borders sort of guy, except for the Vatican).

How many more apologizes will have to be issued? People, and now governments, are demanding accountability. Apologies won’t do any good anymore.

One thought on “Too Little, Too Late for the Catholic Church

  1. If somebody could just manage to capture a photo of the Pope “manspreading,” the feminists would join the cause and we’d finally be able to put this criminal enterprise to rest.


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