The Atheist Theocracy is Upon Us ?


I ran across an article from recently about an appearance by Tucker Carlson of Fox News on another Fox program, The Daily Briefing. Although I didn’t actually see the interview, it’s instructive in the attitude of the Christian right towards atheists.

Here’s the article, and embedded is the actual video associated with the quote included.  Full disclosure: I sometimes watch Carlson’s Fox show, mainly because, unlike the competitor networks, he often has guests on that are in opposition to whatever the issue is that he’s pushing for the evening. It’s refreshing, and I wish the other cable networks, would take a hint from that.

Basically what Carlson said though is that the entire Kavanaugh kerfuffle was due to the left wanting to create an atheist theocracy. What? I guess these Christians don’t get out much or read many polls other than what’s fed to them because as anyone that reads here regularly knows, or has paid attention, people that identify as atheists are just 3.1% of the population. Of course, not all, in fact very few are actually what I would call activist.

I’t s a stupid statement and Carlson should retract it. He won’t, but he should.

I have another problem with the article though in that Hemant ascribes what Carlson is saying to all conservatives:

I guess when you’re a Republican, they let you get away with anything.

This is just lazy thinking and shows how some, a great majority in my view, are lead not by reason, but by emotion.  Let’s forget about facts, and concentrate on how we feel, or better, how we’re told to feel about an issue. This is not just on the left, but on the right as well. It’s damaging to our republic and this is where good people of reason should stand up and say, enough!

In a way, Carlson was right: some the left do want some sort of theocracy – no different that what some on the right desire. Where Carlson is wrong is that he blames atheists for this and not just the politics of our time.

2 thoughts on “The Atheist Theocracy is Upon Us ?

  1. I’m not sure we have a theocratic left of any sort. We have some on the left who would very much like to see their social and political views become the norm, but I’m not sure it is accurate to characterize this as a theocracy since they aren’t usually interested in putting clergy in charge of it.


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