Is the Current Supreme Court a Threat to Democracy?


I just can’t seem to get away from it. I’ve mostly stopped watching any news on television, but still, here on the Internet, it persists. It’s all the shrieking about the aceedence of the 5th conservative justice to the Supreme Court. It’s time to get over it; It’s done.

I can’t believe people are so ignorant as to believe that because of this, that our country is going to return to racial discrimination, as well as this court delegitimizing  the separation of church and state. Of course, we have left-wing media, and organizations to blame for that. They didn’t get their way, so there must be some impending crisis that everyone should be afraid of  and be on the streets protesting. Nonsense.

I wonder if these same people, if Clinton were sitting in the White House today, and she had placed 2 justices on the Supreme Court, making it a 6-3 liberal-leaning court, would have the same concerns. Of course not. Would conservatives be out on the street protesting? Well, we’ll never know, but I suspect the level of noise we hear now, punctuated by that same left-wing media, would be decidedly mute.

The far-right shouldn’t take any victory laps either. The probability of the court reversing Roe v. Wade, or same sex marriage is as close to zero as we can come. There won’t be a dissolution of church.state separation either. Certainly the court will have rulings on religious freedom, but it’s doubtful any of those will place even the tiniest crack in the wall.

But hey! It doesn’t stop the far left from still worrying, and in fact opining on the relevance of the Supreme Court itself. Two articles I read today, yes, from what I consider far-left media, attempt to make the case that the court is regressive and one that actually tries to make the case for the abolition of the Supreme Court. Again, I ask the question: If Hillary Clinton were sitting in the White House today, would there be articles like this in the media? Of course there wouldn’t and we all know it. But because there’s a 5th conservative on the court right now, the left-wing media sees this as a threat to democracy.

I think that many in this country have lost, if they ever had it to begin with, the ability to think for themselves and not be guided by those who clearly have an agenda that has nothing to do with the makeup of the Supreme Court, or even Congress. Read into that what you will.

We should all be trusting ourselves instead of relying on someone else to tell us what we must think about any subject. But then, how would that be good for ratings in the media?

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