It’s Not Safe to be a Christian in America?



I was perusing social media and came across a tweet that caught my. attention. Mostly, I see a lot of what I’d refer to as drivel there, but this tweet had me pause. It was overtly outlandish, just someone’s opinion about the state of religion in America today. It was just 2 simple sentences, one of which I may actually agree with, the other, I thought was just plain silly.

Here’s the tweet (I just copied the content and not the entire tweet so that the person may remain anonymous:

it’s no longer safe to be a practicing Christian in America.

it’s no longer safe to be a practicing Jew in America.


That was pretty much  it and as I said, I can agree with one of those – the 2nd sentence –  as it does appear there is a rise in anti-Semitism in this country today.  Before anyone reading this places the blame on Trump supporters, remember the WomensMarch who’s leadership if so rife with anti-Semites that major supporters of this year’s march, backed out. Yes, even that paragon of anti-hate, the SPLC couldn’t condone some of the statements and actions of the leaders.

But even more than that, it was the first sentence I have to say that I disagree with 100%. How is it not safe to be a Christian in this country anymore when the vase majority of the population identifies with that religious belief?

I seem to write about this alot,  but Christians are not being persecuted. What they dislike is the fact that every time they try, legislately, to impose their belief on the rest of the country, they are shot down by the courts. As they should be. No one gets, or deserves special consideration based on a religious belief. Someone that translates to these as being persecuted.

I don’t think Christians really know what persecution is;  and I would encourage them to look around the world to get an idea of what  religious persecution really is nowadays.  Here, in America, Christians are perfectly safe  from governmental interference. No so much elsewhere.

I don’t know where some people get the idea that it’s not safe to be a Christian in America. I would like one of them to explain it to me, but I doubt I ever will see or hear an explanation. It’s easier to just whine about it.


4 thoughts on “It’s Not Safe to be a Christian in America?

  1. People often speak in general terms when they should speak in particular terms. Maybe in this person’s locale and in their life, being Christian is frowned upon, ridiculed and maybe that makes this person feel afraid to express their beliefs or to exhibit any Christian rituals in public.

    Some online often disbelieve me when I speak of our public schools as being overtly Christian or when I speak of a large portion of our black population as being stereotypical in a way that they think is only represented in racist thinking.

    This is my viewpoint based upon the history of my local experience. It is not my overall viewpoint of public schools, Christianity or black people.


  2. Well..atheists always claim that religion is impacting their lives in a negative manner, but isn’t most of those claims based upon particular impacts rather than on general impacts?


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