The Problem With ‘Privilege’



It seems that whenever I turn on news (cable news) on the television, or read something I may consider newsworthy online, the subject or privilege is ever present. Of course it’s all about white privilege, and yes, many of those that are disgusted with it are themselves, well, white. I don’t understand how a person can dislike themselves to the degree that they disdain their race. It’s not like any of us had a choice, it’s just the way it is and I think we too often use the word privilege as an attempt to cover up our own deep seated racism,

So when I see pundits, even worse – journalists –  talking about privilege on television, I either turn the box off, or when I start reading about it online, I quickly close the article. No matter how it’s used, or intended, it has become the terminology of divisiveness; something we can ill afford in society today no matter where anyone lives.  I can almost guarantee that the post will receive a negative comment simply because I am a white man, discussing that sacred topic that, because I’m white, I am not allowed to mention – privilege.

Seems a bit silly to me, but then, someone will inevitably respond that of course it sounds silly to me, because of my privilege. It’s circular reasoning. I don’t attempt to discuss the experience of other people, because I don’t know anything about their experience. I’ve listened to these same people discuss their lives, their struggles in attaining what they have and I’m always appreciative to note that success is out there for everyone. I I dare not attempt to speak out my life in any way that may be similar. It’s not possible for me to have struggled, simply because I am white. Even worse, that I am white and a man.

I’ve noticed lately that this is trending with women as well. It is something I really never saw, or at least noticed, until the last few years. Now, even white women, no mater their economic status, seem to be accused of the same.

Are there people more economically and socially advantaged than others?  I believe so. The question is whether anyone can attribute those advantages to an entire class of people. Wasn’t it Martin Luther King, Jr. that said something to the effect that people should not be judged by the color of their skin, but the content of their character? Sure he did and see how far we have left those words in the dust of time.

We live in a time that seems to be more racially charged than the 1960’s ( yes, I was around then) and instead of celebrating the progress we’ve made, and working harder ro ensure that the rights, and opportunities are equal for all,  seem to be trying to rewind the clock, with the focus being on dividing rather than uniting ourselves.

I really don’t think that those accusing others of privilege understand the harm they are committing within society and the repercussions that will have for decades in the future.


One thought on “The Problem With ‘Privilege’

  1. Personally, yet I speak for my family and friends and probably acquaintances, I am fed up with Black Privilege and have been for a couple of decades.

    The only way you can think as I do is to have lived around Blacks for many decades, in my case for my entire life. They are just like anybody else…some pretty good folk and some really lousy folk. I have Black friends and Black family and Blacks that I really can’t stand and who piss me off to no end, mostly because they are terrible RACISTS.


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