The “Suicide” of Jeffery Epstein


Jeffrey Epstein

According to some “journalists”, the conspiracy theorists are out in droves this weekend over the sudden death of Jeffery Epstein. Everything we read online from any mainstream media source tells us, immediately, that Epstein committed suicide. There source for this? None. Even AG Barr has only commented on the death and has not called it “apparent suicide” as so many in the media are reporting.  It’s really silly reporting as, of this writing, no one, not even the Medical Examiner, has declared a cause of death. Am I a conspiracy theorist? No. I prefer, before anyone makes a pronouncement that the facts come to light.

Is it possible that Epstein committed suicide in his cell? Yes, it is, but what’s curious is that, if reporting from just two weeks ago is correct, he had attempted suicide and any reasonable person would assume that he would be on suicide watch. Incompetence and the federal facility? Also certainly possible and that’s why, I believe, AG Barr has asked the FBI, the SDNY, and the Inspector General of the DOJ to launch investigations. Something went terribly wrong. As Will Chamberlain wrote in his article at Human Events, it’s strange that the most high profile federal prisoner in America, who had supposedly recently attempted suicide, would just two weeks later, succeed.

I don’t consider Will a conspiracy theorist and those that claim that asking questions about this event is promulgating some conspiracy is beyond inane. These are the same people that for two years pushed a conspiracy theory that President Trump was an agent of Russia. Remember when Brennan (for CIA Director under Obama) actually accused the President of treason? The media went wild over that but in this instance, asking questions about how Epstein suddenly died is some right-wing conspiracy theory. Let’s put all this to rest: no one, right now, knows what happened. Did he actually commit suicide? Then those responsible for his care should be held accountable. Let’s wait on the (hopefully short) investigation and that whatever the investigation shows, we should accept.

Of course there will be those that no matter the outcome, will continue to believe something else. That’s the curse of the Internet. If the ME decides that yes, it was suicide, there will be people that be that he/she was pressured in some way to say just that. If other, then there will be those that believe the same, but in that case, to implicate  those “powerful people” who’ve already been in the news lately. It’s been fifty years since men landed on the moon and I know people today that believe it was faked. there will always be those that no matter the outcome, no matter the weight of evidence, will believe what they want to believe.

I was actually looking forward to the trial. I think it would have been sensational. Why? We already have some names released in connection (which all deny, of course) and I think that it’s possible that many more would come to light during a trial. What’s bad about Epstein’s death is that the names we know about now won’t be able to confront their accuser. What does that mean? There will always be a cloud over these people whether they are innocent of the allegations or not. If it were me, I would prefer to be vindicated of any salacious charges than for those to be out there for the remainder (and after) of my life.

So I have a problem that “The Clintons” or some other powerful people had Epstein murdered in prison. I also don;t just place it aside as something that’s improbable. What I won’t do is go too far either way. I’m content to wait for official findings. If there was some sort of incompetence and the federal holding center, then those responsible should be fired. I was going to say “prosecuted” but if it is incompetence, placing those in charge in prison won’t fix the problem. Fire those involved and institute procedures to ensure that this will never happen again.

If it is something else, I believe it’s incumbent on AG Barr to be transparent and let the American people know exactly what the facts are and proceed to prosecute  those responsible.

Less conspiracy theories and better journalism would be appropriate at this point.



6 thoughts on “The “Suicide” of Jeffery Epstein

  1. I think I did see some official statement that it was suicide. I will try and find it. I also saw that the guards didn’t do their rounds for that period and that he had been removed from suicide a couple of days earlier. Very strange.


  2. When they’re found hanging in their cell, it can be called ‘apparent’ something (suicide may be reasonable). When they are found beaten to death, it is seldom from an accidently fall. I read one years ago where the guy died of natural causes. I’m not sure I know what that is either. We will never know the truth. Barr…transparent? Yes, right, sure. Like you implied, people will believe what they want.


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