It’s Not Bigotry, It’s a Personal Choice



I saw something recently on Twitter that has me thinking about a previous post about transgenderism. What bothered me about this tweet was what was said: 98% of straight men will not date trans women because of hate..   Sorry, what? Whenever I see a statement like this, I often wonder the genesis of it. Of course, I’ve found no data to back this up – like a poll of straight men. There may be one, but does it indicate hate as being the reason? There may be that level of prejudice, then again, there might be another reason why straight men refuse to date a transgender woman.

Just off the top of my head, could it be that straight men don’t want to date those they consider biological males? I know that any minute now, just by asking that question, someone will try and cancel me, but it makes sense, at least to me. I don’t hold any particular phobia towards the trans community, at least I don’t believe so, but personally, it would never occur to me to date a trans woman. that doesn’t make trans women bad, in my mind, nor should it give anyone the impression that I hate them. I have no interest in the same way I look at homosexuality: I’m not interested, romantically or any other way, in other men. That there are gay and lesbian couples is fine with me. I don’t believe  that I should somehow be shamed for making my own choice.

If you didn’t see online what I am referring to, here’s a screen capture I performed:


So what does the Trans Rights Campaign believe that this accomplishes? I can’t see anything that it does to possibly change anyone’s mind about who they choose to date. Do they believe that straight men should be forced to date trans women against their will? Would they say the same about gay men dating straight women or lesbian women dating straight men? I doubt it and yet these too could be called bigotry, couldn’t they?

With all the work that many trans activists are doing online to be accepted, I don’t think something like  this does anything to help and may in fact, do more harm than good.

7 thoughts on “It’s Not Bigotry, It’s a Personal Choice

  1. One of the most absurd con jobs that the progressive left has been allowed to get away with is the ludicrous notion that a disagreement is synonymous with discrimination.

    Whoever came up with that campaign slogan obviously didn’t lift a single brain cell.

    I mean the statement itself is either on purpose or by accident. Either way, it’s laughable.

    Here’s one:

    98% of commuters who prefer taxicabs are unwilling to ride
    the bus because of hate.”

    It’s not because of hate. It’s because it’s not the kind of ride they’re interested in!

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  2. Holy Shit! Just how much more absurd can this crapola get? Maybe human beings have forgotten the purpose of dating and courting? The need to find a proper mate and procreate is what it is. Not to find someone to become intoxicated with or hook up with for one night stands. Adults, and I know that term is problematic, tend to seek suitable mates for having babies with…a good father, a good mother. All the rest is play time for adolescents.

    If you are still an adolescent and you don’t care how you get off or where you get off and you can ignore the Adam’s apple and possible dangly bits that haven’t been removed yet, well maybe you are actually homosexual. I mean…remember Jenner’s statement that “she” still was sexually attracted to women? So “she” was a lesbian trapped inside the body of a beautiful man and had surgery to trap herself inside the not-so-beautiful body of a masculine-looking woman. WTF?

    And cis-gendered males are suppose to find that okay and prove it by dating, that is having sex, with men who have trans to women some or all the way? And if they don’t, then it is because of blind hatred? This is so ludicrous!

    I am heterosexual. I would not date a trans-man. Too frigging complicated. I have two homosexual friends. They would not date a transgendered person. Too frigging complicated. That is their words, not mine. I have had sexual feelings about a few women, however. Yet I never revealed anything and merely acknowledged to myself that with the right woman, were I single, I might have a relationship that included sex. Or not…too complicated to think of being single. LOL

    Oh my…

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    • Absolutely! Don’t you know that human beings are destroying the planet and that they should definitely not try to continue their species! Sheesh…awake Mark!


  3. For the third time today (since it seems that topics that intersect transgenderism seem to have proliferated), let me ask the following question:

    If it is an insult against Blacks for a member of another race to wear black face, why isn’t it an insult against women for a man to “dress in drag?”

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    • Is it an insult to men when women dress in their clothes?

      Why in gawd’s name would men want to dress in tight clothing that hardly lets one breathe or eat…and then wear spiked heels that destroy the joints and spine and feet and puts him at risk for broken ankles? For that matter, why would women want to dress thus?

      But..true, it is gender appropriation and I, for one, am insulted, especially when most of the classy drag queens look so much hotter and more feminine than I …even if I try really hard. LOL


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