What is Going On With The Election?

This is bizarre. A story out of Washington, D.C. where business owners have begun to board up their windows and secure their doors in preparation of the election on November 3rd. Think about this: Washington D.C. is preparing for rioting and looting ahead of the election. When was the last time a Republican carried the District? Ever? Not that I can think of so are these shop owners believing that Trump will win? There really wouldn’t be a need, would there, if Biden wins. Of course there may be people out celebrating a Biden win, but does that account for what’s going on tthere?

I also heard on television that in some areas of the country (New York City, anyone?) people in the higher income areas are hiring private, armed, security. That’s right, the rich folks are hiring armed security. Why? Everyone is so confident that Biden is going to run away with this election, why would there be a need to board up shops or hire armed security? Who are they afraid of, right-wingers? Who’s been doing the rioting and looting since the end of May? Oh yeah, Antifa, and BLM, hardly right-wing affiliated groups. There must be some lack of confidence in what the mainstream media pundits have been saying, daily, for the past few months.

It doesn’t seem that there’s a good deal of confidence by the Biden campaign. A representative, on television recently said that Ohio was not crucial to a Biden victory? I almost fell out of my chair. Really? Ohio has been, at least in my adult lifetime, one of the key states to win for any candidate of any party. Now they don’t seem to care? It doesn’t seem like this election is necessarily a lock for either to cede a very important state, or at least imply they are. Bizarre? Yes. Or is it confidence of a victory, no matter what?

I think that when candidates spend time in states that they are picked to win, overwhelmingly, maybe not so much confidence exists. Therefore, we have people preparing for violence. That’s troubling and should be for everyone. We’ve never experienced anything like that in this country. I hope the preparations lead to nothing, but my sense tells me that it’s already baked in, no matter what happens. The left just want to riot and loot – BLM calls it “reparations”. I am truly sorry for those business owners that will inevitably be affected and more so? Those that will lose their lives. Yes, we can expect a number of people, mostly innocents as it usually is, to be caught up in the violence,

I hope I’m wrong but I see a tough few days ahead, post election, for a lot of people around the country.

3 thoughts on “What is Going On With The Election?

  1. You don’t think right wing extremists will cause problems if Biden wins? I agree that the left is more likely to riot if Trump wins, as they see themselves as persecuted, but Trump has emboldened the extreme right. Either way the election goes, there could be trouble, which is sad.


    • That could happen but I doubt there would be much if any right-wing violence. Why? The entire media infrastructure has been rooting for Trump to lose. Even now, today, just like 2016, the expectation by media is that he will not win.So there will be people upset if he loses, but to the extent where shops are already boarding up? where elites in NYC have hired private armed security for protection? I don’t think so.

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  2. Harris, speaking for her Radical Left Party, has assured them and the rest of us that the riots and protests will continue no matter who wins.

    This is a REVOLUTION for them; BLM, Antifa, Communist Party of America, and other assorted Marxists. A Harris/Biden win just adds fuel to their fire. The Democrats already have plans to deal with every possible election scenario, as well as, plans to deal with Trump supporters after a Democrat win. But you all probably already know that.

    The Marxists’s victory is so close they can taste it, and they will not let the results of a nationwide election stop them now. That is what the past 4 years has been all about; ensuring that the loss of a Clinton presidency won’t make any difference to their plans of more than a century. Their Progressive Revolution has not brought those to fruition, yet, and they are tired of waiting and letting this particular time pass them by again, so they are now in what is called a Color Revolution, and they are following those plans put in place by Marxists before them…including our past president, Barrack Hussain Obama.

    The only way to maintain some semblance of civil society and America itself, is for a solid popular and electoral Trump win. The Marxist/Democrat Party only sees that a solid popular and electoral Harris/Biden win will do that, because they have plans and regulations and laws and executive orders already to go that will deal with any Trump supporters. The Republican/Conservatives under Trump have no such plans, except maybe stronger adherent to Constitutional law and order.

    Would Conservatives and other Constitutional Sympathizers rebel should the Marxists act to seal America’s fate on their path to communism? That would be tragic, but a tragedy of necessity. Unless, of course, no American actually wants to avoid Communism.


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