It’s a Strange Election Season

‘I Voted’ sticker on the black background.

As the election draws near, Im starting to hear about concerns from Democrats that they will not be able to get across the line. Of course, those are some Democratic pundits and yes, it’s a close election, and will anyone run away with this election? Hard to say but what I keep seeing is a huge surge for Trump.

I saw an article, which I tweeted out about a rally where the article mentioned 58 to 60 thousand attendees. Of course, someone disagreed with my tweet. I’m past arguing with people on Twitter, especially when the evidence appears to be different than what they’re saying. This person was adamant that no, there were maybe 15K people at that rally. Here’s the photo from the article, you tell me:

I don’t know if that’s 60 thousand people, but it looks like a lot more than 15 thousand. There appears to be more enthusiasm for Trump than in 2016. Even the black vote, which Trump won 8% in 2016 and just a couple of weeks ago, polls were showing the same, all of a sudden are showing 14% – some think that’s conservative and may be as high as 20%. Whoa!

Of course the media has to up the stress by discussing all these mail-in ballots and talking about each campaign having lawyers everywhere, watching to make sure there’s no cheating occurring. If you think about it though, they do this every 4 years. Will there be attempts? Sure, from both sides as we’ve seen in the recent past. Will it be a huge problem that will change the outcome of the election? I doubt it.

the main thing is that there’s no. excuse to not vote. We keep hearing that this is the most important election, ever. Maybe so, and that should be enough to make sure every vote possible is cast.

2 thoughts on “It’s a Strange Election Season

  1. For many weeks, I have been telling my pessimistic friends (watchers of network news) that the reality does not match the polls or the news reporting. I am optimistic about a Trump win, maybe landslide, maybe both electoral and popular. The vehicles/boats parade rallies, the masses of supporters at Trump rallies…even when he isn’t present!…the flags, the signs, the excitement! The black support at 36%…wow!

    We voted last week, and the lines were long and continuously moving forward (voting was quick and efficient and pleasant with many thanking the poll workers for coming out) both parties represented before the polls with no problem. They said it had been that way from the start and went all day long.


    • Yeah, the rallies are really outrageous. When he first ran in 2015, that fall he came to Phoenix (3 hrs from me). I saw on the news, some 10K people came out to see him. I thought that was really so,eyhing, then.2 weeks ago he was in Tucson (very blue) and I was told by someone that was there that there were over 20K – maybe 30K people there. In PA on Saturday, estimates for just 1 rally is between 56-60K. Amazing.

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