Stop With the Conspiracy Nonsense

I have to stop and do a sort of formal reply to all the liberal/progressive nonsense I’m seeing on Twitter right now. It’s getting ridiculous. The latest? There’s a coup d’tat occurring in the United States. Well, if that’s true then that coup is against Donald Trump since he’s still President of the United States until January 20, 2021.

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How Many Conspiracy Theories About COVID-19 Are There? Here’s Two.


The longer the quarantine goes on, the more, of what I call conspiracy theories abound. Just today, my sister sent what I consider teo: on a “video interview” with someone that is supposedly a Biomedical Engineer, supposedly “well known”, although I had never heard of him. The other, was an article from The Nation, highlighting well known anti-vaxxer, Robert F Kennedy Jr. in an attempt to expose a deep state conspiracy on vaccinations, more to the development of one for the current COVID-19 virus.

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The “Suicide” of Jeffery Epstein


Jeffrey Epstein

According to some “journalists”, the conspiracy theorists are out in droves this weekend over the sudden death of Jeffery Epstein. Everything we read online from any mainstream media source tells us, immediately, that Epstein committed suicide. There source for this? None. Even AG Barr has only commented on the death and has not called it “apparent suicide” as so many in the media are reporting.  It’s really silly reporting as, of this writing, no one, not even the Medical Examiner, has declared a cause of death. Am I a conspiracy theorist? No. I prefer, before anyone makes a pronouncement that the facts come to light.

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