Bullying and Threats Fall on Deaf Ears

I haven’t heard or read much today concerning the Trucker protest in Ontario. It seems there is an actual standoff with the bullies (government) making all sorts of threats toward people that have been protesting for their right to not be vaccinated against their will or that the government may quarantine droivers that drive between the U.S. and Canada regularly. The latest bullying was a statement I heard Froday, dorectly from Trudeau making all kinds of threats toward these men and women who really want nothing more than an end to what they consider onerous mandates.

So far, nothing the government has threatened has seemed to move any of these towards giving into the government’s demands when the government won’t even consider listening to are talking with these protestors. Good for the protestors. The government has also gone so far as to try and restrict any funds donated via GiveSendGo from reaching the protestors. The response from the charity?

Know this! Canada has absolutely ZERO jurisdiction over how we manage our funds here at GiveSendGo. All funds for EVERY campaign on GiveSendGo flow directly to the recipients of those campaigns, not least of which is The Freedom Convoy campaign.

A challenge to the Canadian government? I heard earlier that the police have arrested a dozen people for violating the order to move their trucks off the Ambassador Bridge. A dozen.

Of course, U.S. law enforcement has chymed in, worried about this ”insurrection” coming across the border, specially during Super bowl weekend. Guess what? They deployed ”hundreds” of extra people to the L.A. area and, nope,, nothing.. No riots. No buildings being burned or businesses being looted. Oh wait! Those are tactics of the progressive left, not of conservatives.

What’s really amazing is the lack of any positive coverage of this protest. Do a web search and find that although 46% of Canadians support the protest, it’s with some reservations and that the media are doing everything they can do to support the government and slander the protestors. Yes, even the majority of media here in the U.S.portray these incredibly peaceful protests as something they’re not while the same media, just two years ago described blocks of buildings on fire, being looted, people being murdered in the U.S. as ”mostly peaceful”. Is it surprising that no one trusts the media at all anymore?

I think this is on it’;s way to a resolution. the government will negotiate something that will satisfy the protestors and everyone will go home. Why do I believe that to be true? The rhetoric of the government has become so outlandish that it’s clear they have no control at all and are afraid of the government falling in the near future all because they refused to relent on ridiculous mandates.

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