Biden’s War Face

Anyome see the short Biden statement to Americans, but most especially, Russia, about the impending invasion of the Ukraine by Russia? It was really something to see,. Biden has his war face on. By that, I nean he had a look of extreme seriousness that bad things were going to happen to the Russian people iif Putin continues on this path.

But threatening outcomes is not the same as instituting them as a way to prevent an invasion of a sovereign country. So, he’s done npothing other than stand in front of cameras a try to look tough., Why say anything at all unless you’re spoiling for a fight. Is that what he’s doing? Is his administration considering a conflict with Russia in Eastern Europe to distract from Biden’s total failure as a president and the guy that has made Jimmy Carter look like a brilliant economist and commander?

Yes, I’m talking about Wag The Dog. It would not surprise me at all that the Biden administration might create a false flag incident and blame it on the Russians to distract from all of their failures. A good war is what they need to get people to hate someone else other than them. Don’t be fooled because honestly, none of these people are very smart. If they were, we wouldn’t be in this mess.

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